Warranty & Returns

How we will help

First and foremost we want all of our customers to be 100% satisfied with our products and service. So, if you feel you have any issues at all, please contact us directly at info@scottcricketbats.co.uk, or on 07739759246 to discuss the issue. We pride ourselves on not only the quality of our products, but also the quality of our service.


Willow and cane are natural materials in accordance with the laws of the game; these materials naturally deteriorate with use and even with the best preparation, cannot be made impervious to the effects of poor quality balls, mistimed shots, yorkers, excessive tapping, general wear and tear etc. As a result it is impossible for any manufacturer to accurately predict the life expectancy of a cricket bat. All our bats are warranted for 6 months from the date of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects. It excludes damage caused by the use of poor quality balls, mistimed shots/yorkers, tapping and normal wear and tear.

Proof of purchase & preparation will be required to support any warranty claim

The Majority of unsuccessful claims are as a result of poor preparation of the bat before use. Therefore and in order to be validate the warranty, a professional bat knocking-in service must be used. All bats returned under warranty will need to be accompanied by proof of sufficient preparation as well as proof of purchase. All bats are assessed by the batmaker to check and determine how the damage could have occurred.

Following assessment, the bat will be either repaired or, if repair is not viable, replaced or part replaced (i.e. a new bat offered at a significantly discounted price) depending on the nature of the damage and its general condition. We pride ourselves on good customer service and we will always try to be fair and reasonable with the customer especially in ‘grey area’ cases. Advice on preparation, maintenance and remedial action should your bat suffer unfortunate damage is available under the bat care section of our site. Please take the trouble to read the advice. 

Returning a bat for assessment and repair

If you are making a warranty claim and you wish to send your bat back to us then please contact us prior to doing so. For non-warranty work please see our 'Bat Refurbs and Repairs' section and we'd be happy to help - https://scottcricketbats.co.uk/collections/refurbs-and-repairs

Typical examples of Damage

Shoulder damage occurs when the ball is struck hard on the relatively thin edge at the top of the bat. This can cause splitting of the wood but prompt repair will prevent further splitting and will not impair the bat’s performance.

Surface/edge cracking is common with use. Minor cracking can be sealed with superglue but if the cracking is excessive, the application of a facing and/or fibreglass edging tape may be recommended following repair.

Toe Damage: This can take several forms and such damage is not covered by warranty

  • Horizontal cracks / delamination may appear on the toe of the bat caused by moisture uptake from the ground, softening the fibres which then open up with repeated tapping. If the damage is severe the performance of the bat will eventually be affected. Prompt repair will reduce the risk of performance impairment.
  • Yorker damage occurs when the ball becomes trapped between the toe of the bat and the ground. The severity of the damage depends on the power of the shot, the hardness of the ball and the hardness of the playing surface. Any resulting splitting should be assessed and repaired if appropriate. In severe cases the bat splitting is severe enough to render the bat unusable however usually this can be repaired to give further life to the bat.
  • Corner denting/cracking can be caused either by poor preparation of the bat or by severe impact or by a combination of the two. The damage is normally repairable without any significant loss of performance.

Whilst these forms of damage are repairable, they are ultimately caused by manor of use and not a defect of the bat. For this reason, such damage is not covered under warranty.

Handle Problems: Handle failure can be caused by material defects or can result from shoulder damage running into the handled region. In all cases the bat has to be re-handled. Sometimes the only effective way of repairing significant shoulder damage is to re-handle the bat even though the handle itself has not failed. Prompt effective repair work can prevent more serious damage so, in the event of damage, the bat should be returned promptly to us for advice following the procedure prescribed. Leaving damage unattended until the bat is beyond repair may be construed as neglect.

Repairs carried out within the 6 month warranty period are free of charge, though there is normally a return post and packing charge. Subsequent repair and servicing is chargeable (this will be judged on individual case by case basis). If you are uncertain about the damage and need advice before sending a bat to us please contact us.

 All of our products come with a 14 day money back guarantee upon return (This excludes custom made and personalised items). This is providing that the item has not been used in any way and is returned as new, in its original packaging.

If you wish to return goods for any reason other than that they are damaged, faulty or incorrect, then you must also do so within 14 days of receipt, but we are unable to refund any return postage costs for such returns. Non-faulty returned items may be subject to a 10% restocking charge. If you would like an exchange, please contact us to arrange this.

Liability for postage costs back to us will be with the customer unless your goods are damaged, faulty or there was an error on our part, in which case we can refund up to a maximum of £8.00 if a receipt of postage is included.