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Senior Bats

Our bat range consists of three stock bat profiles, which we have designed to suit all styles of play. All bats are available in various weights, in four different grades to suit all budgets.

If these aren't suitable for your game, you can create your own dream bat using our custom option. With the custom option you can choose from a selection of clefts and will have a full discussion around shape, weight, handle shape, toe shape etc and have your choice of stickers.

To simplify the process of selecting your perfect bat, each bat's name has three numbers within it. These numbers refer to how high in millimetres the 'sweet-spot' is positioned up the blade from the toe, so it's easy to choose between low, mid and mid/high profiles.

Each bat is handmade by us in our Leeds workshop, beautifully balanced and finished immaculately to our exacting standards. We simply wouldn't let any bat leave the workshop that we are not 100% sure you would be happy with.

The performance of our bats is guaranteed. However, scoring the runs is down to you!
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