Our story so far....


SCOTT Cricket bats was founded by me, Jonathan Scott, to provide beautifully hand crafted bats made in my hometown of Leeds, West Yorkshire. That's me below, next to a West Indian cricket legend and then again....just one or two years later!



 As a batsman who has loved the game since I was a child and having always had an interest in bats and cricket equipment, I set out on a journey to learn the art of batmaking. With the sole aim to provide beautifully finished, handmade bats, which I would be happy to put my name to.

After extensive research, investment and hard work, I'm now happy to be producing bats which have been extremely well received and that I know perform to the standard expected from cricketers at all levels. In addition to the bats, we have now introduced softs and bags with the same ethos, high quality equipment at great value.

When purchasing a SCOTT Cricket bat you are supporting a small, upcoming brand and hopefully as our feedback suggests, getting a true bespoke experience and a premium, high quality product at the same time. We work closely with our willow supplier, so you can be confident you are getting only the very best, from a UK independent brand who values your support.

My passion for the game hopefully comes through in the bats, products and services we offer. Regardless of whether it's a Grade 1+, Grade 3 or simply a refurb, the same level of care, attention and quality of finish goes into everything we do. If a product wasn't up to scratch, it simply wouldn't carry my name!